Saturday, June 25, 2016

Self-Reflection : Merasa Cukup


Akhir-akhir ini lagi diuji banget sama nafsu diri sendiri. Pengen ini-itu beli segala macem.

"Kan puasa, jadi pengen makannya yang enak."
"Pengen beli baju bagus deh, masa bajunya gitu-gitu aja?"
"Kayanya aku butuh tas lagi, yang beda model...."

Kadang-kadang hal itu berakhir di angan-angan, tapi ga jarang juga niatnya direalisasikan dan berakhir dengan beli macem-macem.


Trus ga sengaja nemu video ini di FB dan *prakk* bagai ditampar sana-sini.

"It's not as though you feel satisfied after collecting a certain amount of stuff. Instead, you keep thinking about what you're missing."

You must know about it better, nis. Entah dari orang tua, mentoring (either ngementor or dimentor), kajian, ceramah, buku, atau dari mana pun itu, bahwa manusia adalah makhluk yang tak pernah puas. Bahwa akan selalu ada pertarungan antara nafsu dan akal (iman) dalam setiap diri manusia. Mau pilih yang mana? Pilih nafsu, kamu tau resikonya. Pilih akal, kamu tau ganjarannya.

Jadi, berhenti mencari kekurangan diri sendiri, dan mulai lebih banyak bersyukur.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah 10 hari terakhir Ramadhan teman-teman :)
Dapat reminder bagus banget dari ProductiveMuslim. Let me quote it here ya.

Assalamu'alaikum Anisah, There's a phenomenon in distance running, whereby an athlete who is too out of breath and tired to continue running will suddenly find new strength to push forward during a race.. this is called the "second wind".. and it's well documented by sport scientists and athletes.The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that, normally, few minutes before it kicks in, the athlete feels very tired and even considers quitting the race, but once he/she passes that point.. the 2nd wind kicks in and they are running fast!When I first read about the 2nd wind, I wondered if there's a "spiritual 2nd wind".. especially during Ramadan..Most people after 20 days of Ramadan are feeling tired.. and may consider "quitting" by reducing their spiritual activities and "taking it easy" before Eid.. but my advice is to find your 2nd wind for these last 10 nights and end Ramadan just like an athlete on a high note..Here are 5 practical ways to find your 2nd wind for these last 10 nights:Renew your intention: Remind yourself why you want to give this Ramadan your best. Why you shouldn't give up now and why you should push forward and make the most of the last 10 nights.
Watch motivational videos: Watch one or two motivational from our respected scholars that talk about the virtues of the last 10 nights and the virtues of laylatul Qadr. This helps to charge you up for these last remaining days.
Renew your outer appearance: If you've been going to the masjid with your shabby prayer clothes, why not change it up and wear something that makes you feel good and makes these last 10 nights feel special. You'll be amazed how your outer appearance has an impact on your inner state.
Plan the last 10 nights: Plan every single night (and day) for the last 10 nights - hour by hour. Putting pen to paper and planning your nights/day could mean the difference of having a productive last 10 nights or not.
Keep reminding yourself of Death: Remember - this could be your last Ramadan and you may never have another Ramadan again. If that was the case, what would you do in these last 10 nights that'll make you feel that you've given these last 10 nights your best possible effort and there's nothing more that you could’ve done extra?
I hope the above 5 tips help you find the 2nd wind you need to finish this beautiful Ramadan race on a high note.I'm praying for your success - in this life and the next!
Sincerely,Mohammed FarisFounder & Chief Productivity Officer

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